Our company is committed to delivering specialised paint correction tools and accessories that are of the highest quality and that deliver results easier than ever before.

The first Zentool ZEN-21E Dual Action Polisher was developed in 2014 and focused on providing the user with a high quality and economical tool. In 2017, the second generation of Zentool polishers and growing range of accessories has taken the user experience to the next level with first class ergonomics and durability.


Zentool Dual Action Polishers are built to specifications that produce results.

All our prototypes are thoroughly tested in the live environment before production. Specifications and parts are chosen based on what produces the best results at any cost. We are invested in producing tools that make your job easier.

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Zentool Cross-Cut Machine Discs

We created a low-profile pad to improve transfer efficiency of power from your dual action polisher to the surface. The shape and cross-cut design on the face of the pad improves cutting ability for faster removal of defects while keeping the pad cooler to extend durability.

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